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Where Do You Get Your Recipes?

I’ve noticed something curious about how I find recipes.  I used to eschew all my cookbooks and head right to anytime I needed a recipe.  That worked for a while, especially when I was in college and the Internet was working towards its current omnipresent state. However, due in large part to the awfulness of the Food […]


Tofu Dip

I started experimenting with some new recipes the other night.   I am trying to make dips for tortilla chips or crackers without using the old standbys (sour cream and cream cheese.)   I find both of those mediums to be high in fat and calories.  I realize that both come in 1/3 less calories and non […]


Review: Amor Fiery Steakhouse de Brazil

Tonight for our wedding anniversary my wife and tried the new churrascaria Amor Fiery Steakhouse de Brazil at 119th and Metcalf.  This was my wife’s choice (as I do not eat meat), however, I went in anticipation of their 50 item salad bar. For those who have not yet been to a churrascaria, let me explain […]


How Am I Supposed to Eat This Stuff?

I just finished Trevor Corson’s The Zen of Sushi and I left feeling very satisfied (instead of stuffed to the gills like I normally do after just eating sushi.)  I found Corson’s narrative to be largely on point, inciteful, and generally entertaining. His style of intermixing dramatic narrative about the students of the California Sushi […]