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Farm to Market Pannetone

1290639580217-1798870963Farm To Market Bread Company Panettone

Chef Jasper Mirabile is pretty good at giving challenges.

Fortunately, I’ve managed to avoid the worst of his culinary conundrums for some time (which is no doubt his way of admitting that Velvetta fudge was just as awful as it sounds.)  Still, if I had any shock when Chef Jasper Facebooked me with his latest task, it was that he had given me as long of a respite as he had.  Well, that and he Facebooked me.  Normally he’s a Twitter kind of guy.


His challenge: create a new recipe with Farm to Market Bread Company‘s Panettone.  Now, I will be the first to admit that I have never had Panettone before about six days ago.  I’ve always wanted to try it, but I just never did.  So it was with more than a little anticipation that I tore into the package and had my first bite.

One bite was enough.  I am now a huge fan of Panettone.  It kind of reminds me of brioche, only sweeter and just a bit more airy, but the flavor is basically the same.  (Although the sweetness could come from the cranberries which fill the loaf I was given.  I’m not sure since I don’t have any other Panettone with which to compare it.  Though, I guess I can say with complete honesty that if I could only have one Panettone my entire life, it would be Farm to Market Panettone… Anyway…)

So given Farm to Market cranberry Panettone, making a recipe with it should pretty easy.  The first thing, of course, that popped in my mind was Panettone bread pudding which I was all set to run with until Chef Jasper brings out two examples of his recipe for Panettone bread pudding (See below.)  And recipes for Panettone French toast and Michael Chiarello‘s Panettone bread salad.

So, I had to roll up my sleeves and get creative.

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