Author: Chris Perrin


Lenten Meal – Fish Burritos

Tilapia in a Burrito Tilapia is one of my favorite fishes. It’s a light fish, it’s delicate, and it can be fried up and turned into fish tacos. What more can one fish do? Of course, some will argue that a fish burrito sounds even better than a fish taco. Try this recipe and see […]


Lenten Fish – Korean Salmon

Korean Salmon So, I totally stole this idea from our family favorite all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ. It’s so simple and packs some really big Korean flavors. It’s really no surprise that salmon, which has some pretty strong flavors itself, stands up really well the flavors in Korean bean paste. Please do note, though, that the recipe […]


Valentine’s Day Food Ideas

If you need some ideas for Valentine’s Day food, we hit the archives and can recommend: Start with the easiest Valentine’s Day menu ever. Because Valentine’s Day is on a weekday, here’s a set it and forget it Valentine’s Day menu. Go with something classic: steaks with red wine! A romantic healthy salad for those […]


Churro Dip for the Big Game or Anytime

There’s going to be a lot of wings eaten for the last game of the professional football season. And a lot of pizza. And a lot of savory food. We think there should be sweet treats for your sports banquet. Sweet Churro Dip This was a spontaneous idea from Mrs. WellDone as she was talking […]