Month: November 2008


Things I Am Thankful For

It’s probably a bit cliche, but I wanted to take a quick second to write down a few things for which I am thankful. This isn’t going to be much of a food related post, so hopefully that is okay.  I think tomorrow I’ll write posts on the top ingredients and gadgets for which I […]


1,000th Twitter User

As I type this, I am sitting at about 980 Twitter followers, which surprises me to no end.  For those who have stumbled on this post and do not use Twitter, from what I can tell reaching 1,000 followers seems to be a big hallmark in Twitterdom with a number of Tweeps (Twitter slang for […]

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Pumpkin… But Not Pie

One of my Tweeps, Felicia Slattery, responded to one of my pleas for inspiration with the suggestion of talking about what you can do with pumpkin other than make pie.  Since the appearance of pumpkin en masse in grocery stores, I’ve taken an interest in this myself (see my recipe for Pumpkin Baingan Bharta) and  […]

$7 Dinner Challenge, vegetarian

The $7 Dinner Challenge Part 3

Okay, here is big entry number three in  Cate and Sarah’s $7 Dinner Challenge.  If you have not heard of the $7 Dinner Challenge, these two amazingly talented food bloggers have challenged the rest of us still pretty talented food bloggers to create a  two-course meal for four including a full serving of vegetables for just […]