Tofu Dip

I started experimenting with some new recipes the other night.   I am trying to make dips for tortilla chips or crackers without using the old standbys (sour cream and cream cheese.)   I find both of those mediums to be high in fat and calories.  I realize that both come in 1/3 less calories and non fat alternatives but

1) The 1/3 less calories is sort of a baby step and still means you end up eating a ton of bad stuff

2)  The non-fat option neither looks nor tastes like what it supposed to represent.

While you can get away with those alternatives in a dip where the mixins are the star, I’d still prefer to add a different substance with it’s own flavor profile and start from there.  I chose tofu.

So far the results have not been exactly what I had hoped.  I bought both silken and firm tofu in order to play around.  My first dip was a carmelized onion and sun-dried tomato dip in silken tofu.  This dip was SUPRISINGLY sweet, though after consideration a good carmelized onion has the sugars developed to the point that it becomes sweet and sun-dried tomatoes can be sweet as well.  Still, the flavor was good, but the consistency was all wrong.  I used silken tofu, which is also used in smoothies, and decided that I didn’t like drinking my tofu dip.  I also think my tofu to mixin ratio was all off…

So I moved on to a firm tofu and pimento dip.  This dip was so wrong for so many reasons.  First, the pimento tasted terrible and the firm tofu broke up into little pieces that, strangely enough, looked like the pimento spread that you get in the store (well that you can get in the store, the only person I know who eats it is my grandmother.)

All in all, I struck out.  But that’s not going to keep me down.  Next time I am going to create a mixture that is 3 parts firm tofu to 1 part silken tofu and make sure that I have enough flavoring to go in.  I think I’ll stick with a family favorite and use ranch dressing mix and green olives.  That combo never lets me down.


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