Month: September 2007


Howto: Cook Brown Rice

My interest in eating brown rice and sharing its preparation with you, dear eater, stems from the fact it is pretty darned healthy.  Sure, it is a source of carbs (brown rice has the same amount as white),  but for those that do not mind a few carbohydrates, brown rice is a far better choice than white.To […]


Recipe: Mexican Rice

I have been trying for a while now to perfect the secret of restaurant quality Mexican rice.  My first attempt to make Mexican rice was to add salsa to boiled white rice.  Please never try this.  Next, I tried adding a can of tomato sauce and sautéed garlic, onions, peppers, and chili flake to cooked […]


Bloggers Unite!

September 27, 2007 is Blog Against Abuse day where thousands of Bloggers sit down and write a post against abuse.  I do not plan to use this blog as a political forum because it is about food, a wonderful artform that transcends nationality, race, creed, and religion.  Still, I feel like every endeavor needs a […]

food media

Top Chef Finale Part I (SPOILER ALERT)

In this post, I talk about who was eliminated from part one of the Top Chef finale. It was rather fortuitous that Food and Media day happened to land on Wednesday, the day part one of the finale of Top Chef aired.  It strikes me that I might have set things up that way… I am not […]

the liquid side

Choosing a Wine with Which to Cook

There is tremendous scholarship concerning what types of wine to pair with which foods.  It is pretty well established that one should pair white wines with lighter dishes and red wines with heavier meat based dishes blah blah blah.  (I find this last point particularly troublesome since I prefer whites and oftentimes find the tannic […]


Braised Potatoes

As I understand the term “braised,” I made braised potatoes last Friday.  My son had tossed several spuds into the pan I was using to hold potato peels, covering them in potato juice.  Figuring that putting the potatoes back into the bag was a good way to ruin the rest of the spuds in the […]


Restaurant Review: Dean and DeLuca

First of all, sorry for the week long hiatus.  Things have been just that crazy. For this edition’s restaurant review, I decided to do something with a little more national appeal.  Last week, my wife suggested that we have lunch at Dean and DeLuca.  About a month ago, I had gone our local Dean and […]


Salmon Mousse

The beautiful part of buying a side of salmon is that you get to experiment with a number of different recipes.  On the same night I made Salmon En Papillote, I also made a little salmon mousse.  I was expecting something difficult to make (I think it’s the French word in the title), but it […]