Month: January 2024


Samantha No Snob Somm

Like most people who start a bourbon channel, I’ve really been getting into wine recently. I blame the movies Somm, Somm 2 and Somm 3 for kindling a desire to drink more wine in me. And they make me want to do that whole blind tasting thing which just seems cool. Anyway, just as Hillary […]


Are you ready for some hot wings?

Football + Wings = Winning As you can see, hot wings come from very special chickens. Only the hottest chickens will do… In all seriousness, the football playoffs are here, that big game that is particularly suuuper is coming soon, and then it’s March madness. With that said, it’s wing time. While hot wings are […]


Recipe Roundup: Stuffed Shells

Looking for Stuffed Shell Recipes? We see lots of interests in stuffed shells around these parts. If you are looking for a stuffed shell recipe, here’s a few we think you might like! Three Meat Stuffed Shells – two types of sausage and ground pork make these stuffed shells hearty and delicious! Quick and Easy […]


Cabbage Steaks

Cabbage Steaks with Mustard Vinaigrette This is one of my favorite side dishes that I cannot get enough of, nor find an actual picture of, so enjoy this generated image of a cabbage. A green cabbage with purple leaves… Anyway, cabbage is kind of a maligned vegetable. If raw, it’s a garnish. When cooked, at […]

food media

In the Kitchen With Emily

Spotlight: In the Kitchen with Emily I don’t do enough promotion of other blogs and food media that I really enjoy. I should change that! Without further ado, I present In the Kitchen with Emily, featuring Emily Roehler, who you may recognize if you’ve wondered about the weather in Omaha, NE. I was first introduce […]


The Best Steak I Never Ate

Doesn’t that steak look amazing? Even with the lemon and berries, I would definitely order steak. There’s only one problem: I can’t. It’s not real. I generated that picture using an AI program called Fooocus (kind of like the ever-popular ChatGPT, but for pictures.) Basically, taking all the defaults, all I did was ask it […]


KC Restaurant Week: We Started at Meat Mitch

KC Restaurant Week! Hey, it happens this year like every year! It’s Kansas City Restaurant Week (KCRW.) For the next few days (through 1/21/2024), restaurants all around KC will be offering special menus for both lunch and dinner. It’s a great way to try to that Kansas City restaurant you’ve been meaning to go to […]