Month: November 2009

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#MeatlessMonday Fried Egg Tostadas

Okay, I’m back and it’s #meatlessmonday time! Yeah, I know it’s been a few weeks and I feel real bad about it, but I shall make it up to vegetarians everywhere I promise.  But enough of that for now, on to Fried Egg Tostadas! I wanted to do something a bit fancier for tonight’s post.  […]


Turkey Leftovers Part 2: Turkey Pesto

As I said last time, if you are like me, you’re probably still pretty tired of turkey leftovers.  So, here’s another recipe for what you can do with your turkey to fix a meal that lets you escape from the same flavors you’ve been eating for the last four days! Yes, that means it’s time […]

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Turkey Leftovers Part 1: Turkey Black Bean Soup

Okay, I don’t know about you, but I am about sick of turkey leftovers.  Yes, Thanksgiving dinner was great…like four days ago.  But now, I want something new and different.  Something that in no way tastes like Thanksgiving dinner.  Something like Turkey Black Bean Soup Ah…this recipe takes me back.  The first article I ever […]

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Turkey Stock

Quick tip if you still have turkey bones lying around.   Whatever you do, don’t throw away those bones.  Locked inside your turkey carcass is the key to the most amazing turkey stock you’ve ever had in your life.   With that stock you can make delicious gravies, soups, stuffings, vegetables…anything you want.  It’s so easy. So, […]


Feed It Forward

Feed It Forward One of my buddies just forwarded me a $10 gift certificate to the restuarant of my choosing courtesy of’s Feed It Forward.  I had never heard of Feed It Forward, but is allowing you, me, anyone to give out 30 FREE $10 gift certifates everyday between now and Christmas. Give […]


Nigella Lawson is Coming to Town

(Please note: I have made the executive decision to not begin this blog post with the lyrics to a song that is in anyway related to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”  Nor will I, at any point in time, add them to this post.  You can now feel safe to read on.) That’s right: Nigella […]


Le Sueur Peas

Le Sueur Peas Tonight I got a reminder of how good they are.  Thanks Chef Jasper. What are Le Sueur Peas? Good question.  Le Sueur Peas are canned peas (gasp!) apparently canned in Le Sueur, Minnesota, but they are the sweetest, most delicate little peas in the world.  They are smaller than normal peas (like […]