Month: August 2023


Sauce recipes for spaghetti: Arrabiata

I’m always surprised when looking at sauce recipes for spaghetti how simple arrabiata sauce is to make.  I want it to be complex with lots of ingredients and super difficult to make because that’s how it tastes: complex, rich, and extra fancy. But it’s not.   As far as sauce recipes for spaghetti go, this one […]


Three meat stuffed shells

When creating recipes for stuffed shells, we added fancy ingredients like shellfish.  Then we had recipes for stuffed shells that were full of cheese.  Then I went a little wild and shared a recipe for stuffed shells that was inspired by Mexican stewed meat.  Still, I think it’s critical that we go back near the […]


Meat Mitch: In the Airport and In the City

In a move that made just about every person from outside of Kansas City happy and some people within the city limits grumpy, Kansas City finally modernized its airport.  The old KCI was a marvel of what air travel could be before 9/11 forced airports to rethink (and in some cases implement) security, but it […]


Sausage, cheddar and apple stuffed shells

I’ve spent far too long thinking about recipes with stuffed shells. Still, it was something that people said they wanted and who am I to argue? Still, as I was contemplating stuffed shells, I could help but wonder if there was a way to do dessert recipes with stuffed shells. To be honest, I’ve never […]


St. Elmo’s Steakhouse

St. Elmo’s Steakhouse There was once an episode of Parks and Rec where the normally stoic Ron Swanson gets positively giggly over a steakhouse in Indianapolis, IN.  During the episode, he waits to go back to the steakhouse and indulge in the finest of perfectly prepared meats.  In that fictitious world, Ron’s spirit is nearly […]


Five Ingredient Stuffed Shells

Five Ingredient Stuffed Shells Well, when designing recipes for stuffed shells, I kind of went overboard with my Chile Colorado-inspired chicken stuffed shells. For this recipe for stuffed shells, I wanted to do the opposite and see if I could produce a recipe for stuffed shells with as few ingredients as possible. Five seemed like […]