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#GoJunkFood Steak and Eggs Loaded Fries

Like Loaded Fries, how about

Steak and Eggs Loaded Fries

So a couple of us from Twitter (myself, @elleskitchen, @RJFlamingo among others) decided to pool our collective talents and write about a topic near and dear (and sometimes in) our heart: loaded French fries.  Check out everyone’s posts and let us know which one you think is best.

For my part, I went with something a little out of the ordinary, not only because it was what I had in my refrigerator, but because I thought it would taste good.  In fact, this could have been my #FridgeFriday post, but that just seemed like cheating.  Anyway, here’s a very Kansas City style version of steak and eggs, using smoked brisket and BBQ sauce.

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It’s #FridgeFriday … the Gluten Free Edition Featuring Persian Lime Shrimp Scampi

#FridgeFriday Persian Lime Scampi

Hi everyone and welcome to my first #FridgeFriday post!

Now, I know what you’re either wondering what, exactly, is #FridgeFriday??? and/or you’re thinking “Great, he’s gone and done another another of those weird Twitter things.”  Thinkers: you are correct.  I have done another one of those crazy Twitter things.  Wonderers: allow me to explain.

My ridiculously crazily awesomely talented tweep, @sbsbea, has gotten all of us crazy food bloggers to take pictures of their refrigerators every Friday.  We are then instructed to write a post about the meal we made from the contents therein.  Since I love a challenge (and Mrs. WellDone hates wasting food), I couldn’t resist doing it.

However, my first foray did run into one little problem…Mrs. WellDone has both the camera and my iPhone, meaning that I am cameraless.  However, in the spirit of the challenge, I made a meal with only ingredients I had in my house including some frozen shrimp that needed to be eaten, some spinach that needed to be eaten, and some blueberries…that needed to be eaten.  A pic of my less than organized fridge will come later.  Promise.

All I can say is thank goodness for The Tasteful Olive‘s balsamic vinegar and Persian lime infused olive oil (of which they so tastefully gave me sample bottles) because even with less than ideal shrimp, spinach, and blueberries, I had a good meal.  (Well, the butter helped, too.)

Oh, and as near as I can tell, this meal was gluten free!  The one sticking point might be the balsamic, but that recipe is another post!

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