Month: September 2010

Basics, techniques

Charging a Pan

Charging a Pan “Charging a pan” is another technique and term I throw around on the blog a lot that I wanted to explain further. What is Charging a Pan? In brief, charging a pan is just another name for preheating it.  It’s quite simple, all you have to do is put the pan on […]

Basics, techniques

Three Second Fires

Three Second Fires One of the things you’ve probably seen a few times on the blog is the concept of a three second fire.  I use this technique to gauge if a fire is ready to start cooking.  (Oh, and I wish I could say I invented the method, but I pretty much stole the […]


#GoJunkFood Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings- #GoJunkFood Welcome back to another edition of #GoJunkFood, where a bunch of my Twitter pals and I get together and blog about junk food.  Unfortunately, I find myself a bit pressed for time this #GoJunkFood edition.  See, this week I’ve already submitted a recipe for Island Fire Wings to Food52.  Also, I’m practicing […]


September is National Cannoli Month

Mmmmm…. cannoli… From’s favorite chef: For Immediate Release September 19th  2010 Contact: Chase the Cake Media Mitch Baker 913-499-8842 Chef Jasper Mirabile says……Let there be cannoli! Kansas City, Mo –Master Italian chef, Jasper Mirabile Jr. has declared the month of September “National Cannoli Month” By decree of the master cannoli maker, desert lovers in […]


Vote For Me

Hey, thanks for stopping by! If you have a minute, can you click over there to the right and vote for me to be the Next Food Blog Star on Project Food Blog?  I would really appreciate your vote. Also, if you have any pressing food/cooking questions, include them in the comments.  I want to […]


#LetsLunch Fall Picnic Food: Pumpkin Subs

It’s time again for #LetsLunch and I am making Pumpkin Subs Which are just as weird as you think they should be, while at the same time being really, really good. First, a quick primer on what, exactly #LetsLunch is.  It’s a Twitter tag (obviously), but it’s also when a bunch of food bloggers get […]