Month: October 2010


Congratulations to Jasper’s Restaurant

Apparently, Jasper’s Restaurant was voted best Italian Restaurant in all of Kansas City by Zagat.  Even though I personally voted for Fazoli’s, it’s a huge honor for everyone there!  Congratulations should go out to 3J, Leonard, Anthony, the host staff, the entire kitchen staff and that other guy, Chef Jasper Mirabile.


Hen House Holiday Celebration

Hen House Holiday Celebration Hey everyone, next week, November 5th-7th Kansas City’s locally owned Hen House Markets are featuring their annual Hen House Holiday Celebration. Basically, Hen House is going to take over the Overland Park Convention Center and feature 3 days of food, fun, wine, food, activities, food and celebrities.  Lots of really cool […]


#GoJunkFood Fish and Chips!

#GoJunkFood Are You Ready for Fish and Chips? I look over at that picture and I think that is what fish and chips is supposed to look like.  The fish is golden brown and has the little crispy pieces of batter on it.  The fries maybe a bit too thick, but you know, whatever, it’s […]

LetsLunch, recipes

#LetsLunch Grilled Colby Jack, Black Forest Ham, and Pickles

#LetsLunch Grilled Colby Jack, Black Forest Ham, and Pickles …and we’re back!  It’s time for another #LetsLunch! (Quick review: #LetsLunch is where a group of food writers get together and we write about … lunch.  But not just any lunch.  This month we’re talking about the ooey-ist, gooey-ist, cheesiest grilled cheese sandwiches around.) There’s only one poblem… […]


An Applecello A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

…or announcing the Jasper’s Restaurant Applecello Experience! Fall is here again.  Which means that apples are in season and, more importantly, Jasper’s Restaurant is making applecello.  What, you may ask, is applecello?  Well, you may have heard of limoncello, the citrusy Italian liqueur, made from lemons, lemon rind, and liquor.   Well, applecello is that, but […]