Month: March 2010

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Hegan Thursday: Seitan Kebobs

Ready for man food with Hegan Thursday Seitan Kebobs So, you’re probably wondering what “Hegan Thursday” is.  Well, for the first time today, I was exposed to the term “hegan,” which is a man who has adopted the vegan lifestyle for health reasons.  Mrs. WellDone doesn’t care for the term, but I think it’s brilliant […]

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Tribal Moose BBQ Meatballs

When sent a bottle of Tribal Moose Cranberry BBQ Sauce, what can you do but make BBQ Meatballs Nothing, right? Okay, I get it.  If this were Iron Chef, I’d probably not score too high in the inventiveness department, but I wanted BBQ meatballs and I had a great BBQ sauce.  Ergo, Tribal Moose BBQ […]


When Does the Fish Come In?

I Never Buy Fish Except on Tuesdays We stopped by the grocery store after lunch to pick up some juice.  As trips to the store often go, our quick trip turned into an hour-long buying orgy as we suddently realized how badly we needed asparagus, broccoli, red bell peppers, and chicken.  Oddly, enough, all of these […]


Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil and Ghee

So, when I first met the people from Tropical Traditions (troptraditions on Twitter), I assumed they were all about skin care products.  They were nice folks to talk to, but I really didn’t think our paths would cross in the world of food.  Then they put out a call to food bloggers asking if anyone wanted to […]


Greensbury Market Steak and Sriracha Steak Wraps

A while back I mentioned that Greensbury Market sent me some delicious chicken breasts and strip steaks.  In that earlier post, I gave a recipe for Naked Buffalo Strips (don’t worry, it’s family friendly) and talked about Greensbury Market’s mission of getting to know the people who produce the meat they sell and ensuring they are doing things […]


ChocoPod by Chuao Chocolatier

Craving chocolate?  Looking to satisfy your cravings in less than 100 calories? Mrs. WellDone is!!  (And me, too.) That’s why I’m glad ChuaoChocoholic found me and offered me a promise: sweet tooth satisfaction in 100 calories or less.  I said prove it.  She said she would…as long as I shared with me wife.  I reluctantly agreed.  So a […]