Month: August 2007


Review: Boudreaux

Are you ready for some cajun?  Dominating one end of the new Mission Farms development, a trendy mix of resturants, fun stores, and good food, is a transplant from Saint Joe: Boudreaux’s Louisiana Seafood.  When my wife and I went to Boudreaux’s, I have to admit that I was not in the mood for cajun; […]


The Most Amazing Salad Ever

I can say without hyperbole that I had one of the tastiest salads I have ever eaten last night.  I went to another cooking class, this one on vegetable preparation methods taught by Chef Cody Hogan from Lidia’s Kansas City.   Other than my incessant questions, the star of the evening was a simple salad made from asparagus, scallions, […]


I Love Butter

I went to a class on classic cooking techniques tonight where we made a couple of different dishes including a sauted veggie medley that was fantastic.  As I am shoveling zucchini into my mouth, I feel like I’m eating resturant quality food that I cooked.  I kept thinking “These vegetables taste so much better?  What is […]



I made a trip to Penzey’s today because I needed some Arrowroot.  Tina and I had just gotten done eating at The Dragon Inn by the Overland Park farmer’s market (review to follow)  where I noticed how thick the sauce for the Szechwan Broccoli and the hot and sour soup was.  Because I am a total food geek, it reminded […]


Kaya–Asian Food and Sushi

Last night Ethan and I tried Kaya, an Asian eatery and sushi bar on 104th and Roe (roughly.)  I went in with high hopes for a new sushi establishment that I had never heard of.  Perhaps there is a reason I have never heard of it.  Ethan got chicken fried rice while I tried the […]


Hosting Providers for your website

Web sites are stored in web hosting servers, that are normally managed by web hosting services you can find online. You can download all kinds of images and video from them. Sometimes, there is a problem that prevents visitors from accessing your site, for example your ISP does not provide secure port forwarding, or your […]


Where Do You Get Your Recipes?

I’ve noticed something curious about how I find recipes.  I used to eschew all my cookbooks and head right to anytime I needed a recipe.  That worked for a while, especially when I was in college and the Internet was working towards its current omnipresent state. However, due in large part to the awfulness of the Food […]


Tofu Dip

I started experimenting with some new recipes the other night.   I am trying to make dips for tortilla chips or crackers without using the old standbys (sour cream and cream cheese.)   I find both of those mediums to be high in fat and calories.  I realize that both come in 1/3 less calories and non […]


Review: Amor Fiery Steakhouse de Brazil

Tonight for our wedding anniversary my wife and tried the new churrascaria Amor Fiery Steakhouse de Brazil at 119th and Metcalf.  This was my wife’s choice (as I do not eat meat), however, I went in anticipation of their 50 item salad bar. For those who have not yet been to a churrascaria, let me explain […]