In the Name of Research!

Hey, please do me a favor.  It has been my experience that there the is a significant difference between the number of men and women who like mushrooms.


The First Official Survey!!

If you don’t mind, would you consider leaving a comment on this post either or Facebook and tell me gender and whether you, generally, like mushrooms.  As in, you don’t remove them from 90% of the dishes in which they are served.

For taking the time, I’ll do a random drawing and send a prize to 5 random recipients.  (Note: if you followed the Tweet saying you get a prize for a comment, that was a typo.  You are ENTERED for a prize.  All commenters after 1:55 PM Central will play by these rules. 😉)

Everyone who enters gets a prize AND I will do the drawing for the 5 prizes.  Make sure I have your email (which I won’t share.)



  1. MWM very much into mushrooms, seeks similarly-minded female fungus lover for random sporeplay.

    (translation: I’m a guy and I like mushrooms and I hope I win a prize.)

  2. I don’t. Fungus, bleh.

    On the other hand, I wish I liked them: it’s sort of a problem being a foodie and not liking mushrooms (or olives, wine, fish, the list goes on). They just hit my tongue and squick me out!

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