Tea-sty Tuesday: Masala Tea!

Masala Tea: Spicy, Strong, and Smooth

…I was considering calling it Spicy, Icy, and Nicy, but that seemed a little corny.  And I tend to drink Masala tea hot anyway.

As I think about Tetley Tea’s Masala tea, check out my review here and I guess it’s safe to call it a chai blend.  Most of the time when you hear masala, you think chai, but masala tea is like no other chai tea experience I’ve ever had.  The chais that I have had (and granted, there have not been a huge number) have all been relatively sweet with the spices (cinnamon, cardamom, ginger) remaining in the background.

Tetley’s Masala tea is totally different.  It might be because I drink it straight (no milk) and with only a touch of sugar, but the spices in the tea stand out in a way that is striking, without being over powering.  In fact, my first impression of drinking Masala tea was that I was drinking curry.  Ok, that sounds totally awful…and I get that, but the analogy seemed to fit: lots of powerful flavors all playing well together, each still distinct.

Still, what seems to be missing from this slightly scattered review is that I loved Masala tea (I skipped my Gingko Clarity tea this morning…oops).  Loved it.  I practically tea-mugged my friends who gave me my first bag of it (and might have if they hadn’t filled a big baggy of it.   Um…Ashley ignore this part.)  In fact, next to crack tea, Masala tea is my favorite tea.

So, let’s see how it stacked up.

Tetley Tea Masala Tea’s Ingredients

Tetley Tea’s Masala Tea is not listed on the Tetley Tea website (at least not for us Americans.)  So, I’m going to take a pass on this one and assume it uses only organic, freshly grown ingredients harvested in a sustainable farm committed to bioethical growing practices.  *cough*

Tetley Tea Masala Tea’s Aroma

The flavor of Masala tea is the best part about it, but wow is the aroma a close second.  It smells of nutmeg and clove and caradamom and cinnamon.  For some reason, it reminds me of what a Thanksgiving pumpkin would smell like if served in New Delhi.  (Yes, I thought long and hard about what to say and yes, that’s the best I could come up with.)

Seriously, I don’t mind waiting for Masala tea to steep.  I just breath in the steam.

Tetley Tea Masala Tea’s Taste

Bold, yet refined.  Flavorful, but not overpowering.  It’s good stuff.

Seriously, it’s hard for me to figure out exactly what all the flavors are.  Every time I get a taste, it’s a little different: sometimes it’s very nutmeg-ish, sometimes it tastes strongly of cinnamon, and sometimes all those flavors just blend together.

Tetley Tea Masala Tea’s Effects

You know, unlike some of the other medicinal teas I drink, Masala tea doesn’t claim any special benefit.  However, when it does have a pleasant warming effect when I drink it.

Tetley Tea Masala Tea’s Overall

As I write this, I want to go brew a cup.  It’s good.  5 cups out five!

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