Getting Ready to Drink Local Wine


In just four short days, I will be packing up my game and heading out East to the Missouri Drink Local Wine Conference, April 2-3 in St. Louis, MO and I couldn’t be more excited.  I am about to spend 2 days doing nothing but thinking and drinking Missouri wine.  Though, I have to admit the more of one of those two things I do, the less capable I’ll be of doing the other.


I bring this up not to brag (which is certainly not beneath me), but to let you know about the conference and spread the good word that tickets are still available (and they start at  $35!!)

So what does one do at Missouri Drink Local wine conference?  The complete schedule can be found on the website, but the highlights include:

  •  A seminar on Missouri wines (anyone want to bet they’ll talk about the Norton grape?)
  • Seminars on how local wines can create buzz (bloggers can help!)
  • Eat lunch (yay!)
  • A panel on locavores and local wine
  • A Twitter taste-off (Expect drunk tweets…For realz)
  • Cabot cheese buffet dinner (double yay!)
  • St. James winery tour on Sunday (triple yay!)

And of course, I’ll be live tweeting on @BlogWellDone using the hashtag #DLWMO (which will turn into DLWOM then DLWM and eventually DWL as the tastings go on…)

Anyway, if you are in the St. Louis area or you can get there, go to the Drink Local Wine 2011 conference, even if it is just for Saturday.  There will be lots of interesting people there like Doug Frost, Jenny Vergara, and Jeff Siegel, the godfather of regional wine. Locals recommend if you are struggling with how to uncork a bottle of wine, then now the industry experts recommend to use amazon wine opener the best wine key, it helps you enjoy a bottle of wine at home.

So get there…and enjoy!

(FTC Disclosure: I am going as a member of the press.  My room, board, and admission to the conference has been furnished by the conference organizers.)

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