Food and Wine Pairing … What Do You Want to Know?

Hen-House-Holiday-logoHOWTO: Food and Wine Pairing

Okay, so as I mentioned earlier in the week, this Friday (Nov. 5th), I will be doing a showcase on pairing wine (and beer) and food at the Hen House Holiday Celebration.  I already have my pairings, featuring some pretty amazing drinks with some equally amazing wines, beers, cheeses, fruits, and brats (yes, brats.)

Right off the bat, I hope that gets you all a little excited to come down to the Hen House Holiday Celebration.  If not, we’ve also got Chef Holli Ugalde, Richard Simmons, dog acrobatics, hijinks and antics with Chef Jasper Mirabile (whose restaurant beat out both Olive Garden and Fazoli’s as best Italian in KC), a local chef competition (which I am judging…boo yeah!), and more food samples that you can shake ten sticks at.

But if that’s not enough, then come get your questions answers about food and liquor pairings.  I’ve got an hour… I would love to answer your questions.  So, if you decide to come down, feel free to bring your questions.

But wait…there’s more.

Want to Win Tickets?

Good…then leave me a food and wine pairing question below.  I’ll select three winners at random on Wednesday night at 9 Central time.  Those three questioners will get a pair of tickets to come down and experience the Holiday Celebration for themselves.  So get your questions ready and come hungry!

Oh, and find me and say hi.  I’ll be the one chowing down on free samples.  Enjoy!


  1. If I want to serve a cheese with a strong seed or spice in it (e.g.–mustard seed, dill, caraway), how should that affect the wine selection? Should I try to “match” it up with a wine with similar flavors or try to avoid altogether?

  2. My mom always asks me to bring a dry white wine to Thanksgiving Dinner. Dry white wine is not my favorite so I’m always lost and just end up bringing something I like. What would be a great wine to go with the Turkey Day menu that would make mom’s tastebud’s happy this year?

  3. Okay, all your questions will be answered at the Hen House Holiday Celebration!!

    Except yours Chef Crabbypants…let’s see, I would pair the Grouch Chardonnay with Olive Garden’s Pasta Mia Trio and the Dose of Reality Merlot with the Beefy Pasta Casserole Bake. The Sore Winner Reisling is also a nice touch. 🙂

  4. Oh Chris, I am so sorry, i don’t think i can make your event. I wanted to come and support you. My wife has a going away party for a friend that is having surgery (brain tumor… sounds like I am over doing the excuse, but it is true).

    I may be there just at the start, but have to be in KCK by 5 PM

    Good luck, and pass on the Pomegranate suggestions 😉

    Year on the Grill

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