Congratulations to Jasper’s Restaurant

jaspers_cheers From HenHouse.comApparently, Jasper’s Restaurant was voted best Italian Restaurant in all of Kansas City by Zagat. ¬†Even though I personally voted for Fazoli’s, it’s a huge honor for everyone there! ¬†Congratulations should go out to 3J, Leonard, Anthony, the host staff, the entire kitchen staff and that other guy, Chef Jasper Mirabile.


  1. Congratulations! A good Italian meal is a joy to behold.

    Italian is one of my favorites. Even though I’m not much into pasta I love the tomato-y flavors and the garlic and the… oh, how I could go on.

    And I think Italian foods – because of their powerful, bold flavors is one of the few cuisines that you really have to TRY to mess it up.

    Let’s see – what would be a great Italian mea?l How ’bout starting with some cold shrimp in a little olive oil, lemon juice and capers. A nice salad with some pecorino cheese and strips of broiled portabello mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes. A quintessential country dish like sweet Italian Sausage and peppers – maybe a few extra grilled veggies rather than the pasta for me. Oh, and a cannoli filled with that signature mascarpone for dessert. Oh, and a nice glass of red to sip along the way. It’s not too fancy – but I think it’d work. *smile*

  2. Adam,

    I owe you a cannoli. Shame shame on Mr. Perrin. He was raised better than that. LOL!!!

    Seriously, I think he was kidding, he is a good friend and local writer but maybe his true feelings came out and he could not tell a lie.


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