I’m Jasper’s Full After The Hen House Holiday Celebration

To set the scene, as I write this post, I am currently Jasper’s full.

What is Jasper’s full?  Good question.

As I have been blogging, I have come to realize there are four levels of fullness.

Level of fullness 1: Full.  You know, when you can’t eat another bite.  That kind of full.
Level of fullness 2: Uncomfortably full.  Yes, you couldn’t eat another bite because you are full…but yet somehow you did.  Now, you’ve now eaten so much you are physically uncomfortable and popping buttons.
Level of fullness 3: Jasper’s full.  This is how full I get every time I go to Jasper’s.  It’s basically Uncomfortably full + 2 canoli.  At this stage of full, the pain is so intense that my body is releasing endorphins and it’s like I have a runner’s high, only it’s been brought on by the ton of food I’ve consumed.  At this level of full, I can do little else besides groan and find that one way of holding my body that doesn’t bring on blinding agony.  (I highly recommend head back, back arched and hands supporting addition weight in the midsection.  Write this down, you’ll thank me.)
Level of fullness 4: Beyond Jasper’s full.  This is a theoretical level of full that may only be reached the moment before the stomach explodes like in Monty Python’s Meaning of Life.  It is the point where I would have to admit the sheer agony of life has overwhelmed the intense joy of eating Jasper’s Italian food.  I’ve not been to level of full yet as there is nothing which can make me regret stuffing myself full of Jasper’s that I know of.

So yes, right now I am Jasper’s full.  And yes, I did go to Jasper’s for dinner.  But tonight, Jasper’s had help in stuffing me because I went straight from the Hen House Holiday Celebration to Jasper’s.  Which, as I have come to realize was a mistake.


Because I was full from sampling.  There was so much to try at the Hen House Holiday Celebration, not to mention the wines and cheeses I was discussing during my pairing chat.  Sadly, I didn’t get to try everything at the celebration since I was getting prepped for my showcase, but the highlights of Day 1 had to be

1.  The Butoni 4 Cheese Pasta…Chef Jasper used it in a demo and I couldn’t stop eating the left overs

2.  Palermo’s Biscuits and Gravy Pizza…Hard on the arteries, amazing in the mouth.

3.  Roth Kase’s Smoked Bleu Cheese… so earthy, but with amazing smoky hints.  So good.

I also met two amazing individuals, one from Boulevard Beer and the other from Banfi wines.  Both gentlemen have wine or beer for sampling at the Holiday Celebration and both were experts during the showcase.  The two of them knew so much about Boulevard beer and Concha Y Toro wines that I really salute them.  And I hope everyone gets a chance to try their stuff at the celebration.


  1. There’s just Italian food that makes you want to keep eating. And of course what comes last is the dessert: Tiramisu or Cannoli or whatever you choose. So, not only are you Jasper-full, but you’re full of sugar. That just makes me want to almost pass out after the inevitable sugar spike and crash. As long as I’m not driving – it’s okay.

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