Porterhouse – The Perfect Valentine’s Day Food?

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about this and I’ve decided that the perfect Valentine’s Day food is the porterhouse steak. I mean look at that monster. After it gets grilled up, it’s going to be peppery, earthy, and delicious.

You may be thinking beef is always a good meal, but why is it the perfect Valentine’s Day food?

First, a porterhouse is really two steaks in one: a juicy, fork-tender, lower fat tenderloin and a meaty, marbled New York strip. Second, one of the true joys of Valentine’s Day is the whole couple’s meal/sharing/eating together thing.

So, in one (very large) steak, you have two pieces of meat that can satisfy two separate appetites or, conversely, you can cut each part in half and share. Add two baked potatoes and/or some green beans and you have a complete meal that won’t cost an arm and a leg (thus avoiding any money fights) and the protein packed meal will give you energy to go for a jog or whatever couples do on Valentine’s Day.

Anyway, if you’re not sure what to do this Valentine’s Day, grab a porterhouse, season it liberally with salt and pepper, cook it on a grill that has been cleaned and coated in vegetable, and enjoy!

Image by Michael Schüler from Pixabay

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