Pay for Coffee with a Kiss!

Coffee with a Kiss!

This caught my attention and I wanted to share.   Apparently, a coffee shop in Australia is letting you pay for your coffee with a kiss says the NY Daily News.  Yep, your favorite coffee drink is available for the low, low price of a single smooch.  (Need proof? This image of Metro St. James‘ Facebook page (taken from the NY Daily News post) announces this rather unique promotion. )


The only catch is that you have to bring in someone to do the kissing.  I’m not sure kissing your local barrista counts (thereby dashing my hopes for a free smooch and a free coffee) since they want to snap a picture of you and your lucky significant other before you get your coffee.  While this may sound unfair to those who are single, my guess is there are plenty of caffeine addicts who would be more than happy to lock lips for a free cup of joe.  And who knows where that could lead?

Maybe at Metro St. James there’s more than coffee in the air.  Maybe there’s love?  Maybe not?

Well, at least there’s still coffee.

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