Tea-Sty Tuesday: Ginseng Artichoke Tea

artichoke ginseng flipTea-sty Tuesday: Ginseng Artichoke Teas

There are some teas that make you run–not walk– to the kitchen to get more hot water.  There are some teas that make you happy to be awake.  And there are some teas that make you say “What the [insert favorite expletive here]…”

Ginseng Artichoke Tea – Making You Say What The…?

So I ran across this particular gem that a coworker brought (or perhaps an ex-coworker left, I’m not really sure…)  It was nestled amongst some taro candy and something gelantinous that I’m not entirely sure what was (coconut I think.)  To be honest, I don’t really know anything about that the tea, except that no one else was drinking it.  So I, of course, had to.

And really, that’s how I get myself into trouble.  I’m the Mikey of my generation… I’ll try anything.  Sometimes, like my first experience with pig’s salad, everything goes okay.  Other times, I end up drinking ginseng artichoke tea.

All I can say is that it was an experience I shan’t soon forget.  From the weird way drops of water fell off the teabag into my mug, diffusing in a way that looked a little too much like blood to the taste of fried foot odor, ginseng artichoke tea is not a memory I’ll be able to destroy any time soon.

And with that, we go to the breakdown.

Ginseng Artichoke Tea’s Ingredients

I have no idea.  I am assuming ginseng or artificial ginseng flavoring and artichoke or artificial artichoke flavoring.  And tea.

Ginseng Artichoke Tea’s Aroma

Not awful, actually.  The smell was very savory, but a little sweet, kind of like fried artichokes with a side of mayo.  The smell of the ginseng, an odor I associate with awful, was completely masked under the pleasant smell of artichoke.

In fact, the aroma gave me high hopes.  They were soon to be dashed.

Ginseng Artichoke Tea’s Taste

Above I described the taste as being akin to fried foot odor.  I stand by that.

Ginseng Artichoke Teas’s Effects

Well…let’s see…people laughed at me.  Does that count?

All in all, for a tea that is supposed to have ginseng, the overall effect was pretty weak.  I got a little bit of a boost, but that could have been from the rush of folk laughing at me.

Ginseng Artichoke Tea Overall

Surprise surprise..1 cup out of 5.  I was just not a fan, but nonetheless…enjoy!

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