Tea-sty Tuesday: Himalayan Apple Spice

applespiceTea-sty Tuesday: Yogi Himalayan Apple Spice

So we’re back. Not sure what happened last week. I looked up one day and it was Wednesday and I hadn’t done a Tea-sty Tuesday post, which is really too bad. The following post is one I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. So, here goes.

Yogi Himalayan Apple Spice Tea

Why have I been wanting to write about Himalayan Apple Spice tea for so long? Well, there are a number of reasons: it’s great taste, it’s wonderful aroma and the fact it’s a gateway tea.

A gateway tea?  You ask.

A gateway tea.

See, there are a few unfortunate souls out there who don’t love tea. You may know one. These people believe that tea isn’t good and don’t try to drink at least a cup a day. These are sad, sad individuals who are to be pitied for the teabag-shaped hole in their lives..

But, not all hope is lost. People can learn to love tea, but they’re not going to do it with generic store-brand tea bags you can buy in boxes of 1,000.  No, they need something like the slightly apple-y, cardamom-y goodness of Himalayan Apple Spice tea.  Once they learn to love its flavor, they will begin to experiment with other forms of tea and soon, they will be hooked.

And with that, we go to the breakdown.

Yogi Himalayan Apple Spice Ingredients

It’s Yogi tea, so the name pretty much says it all. In addition to apple and organic black tea leaf, this tea contains spice in the form of organic cinnamon bark, caradamom, and clove.  There’s even some pear thrown in for extra tea goodness.  Also, because it’s Yogi, you can be sure that everything is organic and safe and is probably some ancient blend that has additional medicinal benefits.

In other words, feel good drinking Yogi tea.  It’s good for you.

Yogi Himalayan Apple Spice Tea’s Aroma

If Heaven smelled of apple pie, this tea would smell like Heaven.  Which is an awfully reflexive way of saying that the tea smells really good.  In fact, that’s one of the draws that makes it a great gateway tea.  Even before the tea touches the lips, the aroma wafts into the nose and promises a sweet and savory experience.

Okay, I’ll stop.  But seriously, Yogi has this warm apple smell, like mulled cider.  It promises so much that the tea (almost) delivers.  I say almost because the tea smells of cider and pie and since I take my tea unsweeted, I am always a little surprised at how un-sweet the tea is.  Not that it’s a problem, just something I noticed.

Still, I give the aroma two nostrils up.

Yogi Himalayan Apple Spice’s Taste

I think that if I poured a few packets of Stevia into my tea, Yogi Himalayan Apple Spice tea would taste exactly like mulled cider.  But, I am trying to lay off sweetener, so I can taste the tea for itself, which I still like.  Himalayan Apple Spice is an interesting mixture of sweet from the apple and pear and savory/bitter from the tea itself.  It starts of sweet and slightly spicy (mainly cardamom and cinnamon), but then the tea starts to taste very strongly of the Assam black tea.

In some teas, I would find that transition to be jarring, but there’s just enough of the sweetness from the fruit (and the Stevia in the bag) left over so that the tea’s well…tea taste… is softened.  The result is a tea that is just a little fruity and very nice to drink. 

Yogi Himalayan Apple Spice Tea’s Effects

People start drinking tea.  What more effect do you need to know?  (Seriously, I made someone into a tea drinker with this tea.)

Also, the combination of cardamom, cinnamon and clove is, apparently, an Ayurvedic mixture that promotes cleansing of the body.  I don’t know about that.  I drink Himalayan Apple spice for the flavor.

Yogi Himalayan Apple Spice Tea Overall

So, Himalayan Apple Spice gets… 4.5 cups out of 5.  Of all the non-crack teas, it comes as close to perfect as any I’ve had.  Plus, it’s way cheaper and I don’t have to order it online.

Really, I can’t recommend it enough.  Get some and try it ASAP.

Thanks to psd for the picture.


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