Tea-sty Tuesday: Yogi Green Tea Energy!!!!!

3490127306_e8375e0e98_mYogi Green Tea Energy: Tastes Great, Energy Filling

In a lot of ways, Yogi Green Tea Energy is to blame for Tea-sty Tuesdays.  While I had been a crack tea drinker for years (and enjoyed the way it made me awesome), I really wasn’t having a lot of luck with other teas.  (In the sake of fairness, I have omitted those teas’ names from this post.  Some of them will be reviewed on the blog, especially those I have grown to enjoy as my tastes have matured and others won’t…because this isn’t a rant blog.)

Anyway, in my continuing quest to give up soda, I decided that what I really needed was something that could duplicate soda’s energy boost without all the high fructose corn syrup.  And I needed something that wouldn’t require me having to beg Mrs. WellDone to pay the expense of crack tea every few weeks.

Boom…Energy Tea!  How does it rate?

Yogi Green Tea Energy’s Ingredients

Ah Yogi…thank you for making tea out of things I feel good about putting in my body.  All of Yogi Green Tea Enegy’s ingredients (and in fact all of their tea ingredients) are certified organic and there’s nothing odd in them like soy lecithin (which I still can’t figure out why it gets added to some teas.)

In particular, Yogi Green Tea Energy’s blend includes ginseng and ginseng extract, lemon grass, spearmint, kombucha and other herbs.  It does have 28 miligrams of caffeine, but I think that’s from the natural herbs and not an additive.  I may be wrong about that.

Yogi Green Tea Energy’s Aroma

So I like Yogi teas.  I do.  However, their aromas never scream drink me.  They just don’t.

(Sorry Yogi…)

(Quick note: since writing that paragraph, I have tried some of Yogi’s non-medicinal teas and they do scream drink me.)

Yogi Green Tea Energy’s Taste

Score one for organic, healthy, and still tasting good.

I will admit to being a little nervious about this blend.  It proudly features one of my LEAST favorite flavors: ginseng and another flavor I find distasteful if it gets out of control: lemongrass.  However, the ginseng is nicely masked under some of the other flavors and lemongrass adds a nice citrusy/floral note instead of BURNING.

Plus, the spearmint really is a nice touch.  It’s strong enough to bind all the other flavors together without this tasting like mint tea.

Yogi Green Tea Energy’s Effects


Or in other words, it says Green Tea Energy and it provides energy.  Seriously, if you are trying to stop drinking soda or coffee (or in some cases, taking meth), check this stuff out.  It’s fantastic.

Yogi Green Tea Energy’s Overall

I’m really happy with Yogi Green Tea Energy, both how it tastes and how it makes me feel.  There are times when I still yearn for the quick pick me up of coffee or soda, but Yogi Green Tea Energy is always there for me.  And it doesn’t make me jittery like coffee does.

Still, it’s going to get 4.5 cups out of five.  No offense to it, but 5 cups out of five is reserved for a few special teas.  Still, Yogi Green Tea Energy is in my regular rotation.  It’s not just something I drink when I have nothing else.  And now, I hope it will be in your rotation, too.

Thanks to Pink Sherbet Photography for the picture.


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