Hen House Holiday Celebration

Hen House Holiday Celebration

Hey everyone, next week, November 5th-7th Kansas City’s locally owned Hen House Markets are featuring their annual Hen House Holiday Celebration.

Basically, Hen House is going to take over the Overland Park Convention Center and feature 3 days of food, fun, wine, food, activities, food and celebrities.  Lots of really cool celebrities like Chef Holli Ugalde and her line of balsamic vinegars, Sweating to the Oldies’ Richard Simmons, a local Iron Chef competition, Chef Jasper Mirabile and world renowned food writer Chris Perrin.  (That’s me…)

Food and Wine Pairings

My showcase will be on Friday at 4:00 and I’ll be talking about pairing food and wine.  I’m pretty stoked that I get to follow Richard Simmons since he’ll make them sweat and get hungry and then I’ll get everyone nice and tipsy!

Did I say that outloud?

Anyway, I’ll be posting more about the celebration and my recipes as the day gets closer.  But for now, mark your calendars for the 5-7th to go to the Holiday Celebration.  There are different events/shows/activities every day.  No two will be the same.  Oh, and come hungry.  The number of samples are outrageous.


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