Madness, March and Matt’s Munchies

Mango Matt's MunchiesIf you’re looking for the giveaway, scroll down! 🙂

Okay, tomorrow starts perhaps the most impressive spectacle in sports: 64 teams, 1 goal.  That’s right, it’s college basketball championship time.  The Big Dance.  The Big Show.  The brackets.  The munchies.

So while I’ve noted that basketball doesn’t really have it’s quintessential meal, it does have snacking!  Lots of snacking on chips, wings, nachos, dips, and all the usual suspects.   So yes, lots of snacking and lots of sitting to boot!

While I would never hope to end snacking and basketball, I do have a thought.  Instead of gorging on chili cheese fries and hot dogs, why not snack on

Matt’s Munchies

Matt’s Munchies, made by Chef Robert’s, are “fruit leathers”, which I think is code for fruit rollup, but instead of being made with dyes and corn syrups and junk, they are made from things you want to eat like mango, bananas, real chocolate, and ginger.  They are also all-natural and gluten, nut, egg, and dairy free.

And oh yeah, they’re AWESOME.

They sent me six flavors:

  • Choco Nana
  • Apple Pie
  • Island Mango
  • Ginger Zest
  • Mango
  • Banana

In packs that were basically about 70 calories each.  I dutifully tried each one and they were great.  If Matt tasted as good as his munchies, I’d eat him.

I think my favorite was the Island Mango.  It was a blend of mango and coconut and had a great texture I wouldn’t expect in a fruit leather.  In close second, though, was the Apple Pie because it tasted like apple pie.  I’ve had a lot of gluten free, all-natural, dairy free snacks that claim to taste like something and they end up tasting kinda like what they’re supposed to.  Not the Apple Pie.  It tasted like honest to goodness cinnamony apple pie.

I think my least favorite was the Ginger Zest, but that’s because I am just not a huge ginger fan.  Nothing against Matt and his munchies, but the Ginger Zest were REALLY gingery.  They weren’t bad, I think they just require someone who likes that flavor.

Matt’s Munchies and Basketball

So I’m absolutely serious.  If you can find them in your local store, when you sit down to watch some hoops, tear into Matt’s Munchies instead of fried hot wings.  Well maybe try Matt’s Munchies instead of only hot wings?  I promise your tastebuds and your waist won’t regret it.

And…I’m Giving Some Away

Chef Robert’s was nice enough to send me a second pack that I can give away to one lucky reader.  All I want you to do is leave me a comment and tell me your favorite healthy snack or a snack you want me to make healthy by March 25th and I’ll draw for a winner.  That person will have a full set of Matt’s Munchies to snack on by the championship game.

Now, get to commenting and enjoy!

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  1. hi chris this chef roberts thanks v much for ur writte up the only thing is that apple pie has no apples in it (found that many people are allergic to appels)
    thanks again for ur creative way of introducing mm
    reagrds will b running a special for orders received over the phone if they mention ur blog

  2. Hey Chris, these things sound, especially the banana flavor IMHO.

    I keep one of the giant dried edamame containers you can buy at Costco next to my desk all day while I code. I don’t often snack between meals, but if I do I like them because they’re great for protein and fiber so they satiate the appetite pretty quickly.

  3. I like dried apples actually with just a sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg. I don’t remember where I had them before but there is a company that makes a dried apple snack similar to what I just described.

    We used to make our own dried fruit when I was growing up. We would get out the dehydrator and make banana chips, apple chips,jerky, and dried strawberries.


    I saw them in an NYC health food store, and I have to say they are my new favorite snack. It seems like they have changed their packaging (for the better) and have also added some new flavors. I also noticed that are USDA Organic (big points), Gluten free, Kosher and Vegan. I went to their website ( to see what they were all about, and I was impressed. Since then I have tried all of their 9 flavors. The newer ones (that aren’t mentioned on here) are Chili chocolate, Chocolate raspberry and a mango-apple flavor. My favorites are still the Island Mango (mango-coconut that tastes like a vacation) and Ginger Spice.

    I would definitely check these out if you have not already.

    Great job guys!

  5. The new packages are so beautiful!

    I really love the purity of this product. My favorite flavor, Mango, has only 1 ingredient….1 INGREDIENT!! That is amazing to me. As health conscious consumer, I am always looking for new snacks and products that fit my lifestyle and my taste buds. Matt’s Munchies are my new go-to snack. Did I mention, that the 1oz package of mango fruit leather has only 50 calories!! I am totally in love!

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