3 comments on “My Plan for Kansas City Restaurant Week

  1. I’m excited, too! We’re starting at the Marina Grog & Galley out at Lake Lotawana tomorrow night, which should be a fun way to kick things off. 😀 We can’t afford to eat out every day/night, wallet-wise or waist-wise, but we’ll be visiting a couple of other restaurants throughout the week to join in the fun.

    Michael Smith was the one loss I ran into. They’re only participating in the week with a lunch menu, and the weekend reservations were all taken by the time I went in to make mine last week. I work in south OP, so getting downtown at lunchtime during the week is pretty much impossible without taking a 2 hour lunch. So I’ll just have to be more on my toes next year with my reservations for his place!

    • Sounds like you definitley have a plan!

      I had no idea about Restaurant Michael Smith, but that’s definitely good to know. Going to have to find a way to get there for lunch.

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