My Plan for Kansas City Restaurant Week

To my Kansas City readers, Kansas City Restaurant Week is almost here!!  It starts Friday, which is just three short days away.

I am so stoked I can barely sit still.  For years I’ve heard my Boston and New York friends talk about Restaurant Week and all the amazing food they go eat at top, top restaurants in their cities while I’ve had none.  Lousy were those days, but not now.  Not this year.  Not in my town!

Now, in Kansas City, the time has come!  There are so many great restaurants participating in Kansas City’s first Restaurant Week.  So many talented chefs are offering special menus to show off their skills from January 22 through January 31st that I couldn’t begin to list them all here.  (But the Kansas City Restaurant Week site can, here is their full Restaurant Listing.)

It’s hard to know what I am the most excited about: the special menus, the fact that every time I go dine at a participating eatery part of the money goes to help Harvesters, or the price.  See, not only do you get a great meal, but you shouldn’t expect to pay more than $15-20 for lunch and $30 for dinner.  (I’m oddly tempted to add in “That’s a deal at twice the price, but I’ll spare us.”)

At those prices, my plan is to eat out as much as I can.  Pure and simple.  And better yet, I can afford it.

I already know I’ll be hitting:

  1. Cascones (lunch)
  2. Bo Lings (lunch)
  3. Blanc Burgers (dinner with BWD, Jr.)
  4. Restaurant Michael Smith (dinner)
  5. Zest (dinner, I think)
  6. Blue Moose (dinner)
  7. Cafe Sebastienne (lunch)
  8. Aixois (lunch)
  9. Houlihan’s (dinner)
  10. The Capital Grille (dinner with my wife)

WAIT!!  That’s only 4 lunches and 6 dinners.  I still have time for 6 lunches and 4 dinners.  I’ve got plenty of room in my schedule.  Hrmm…

Oh, and on a separate note, I’ll be hitting the gym a lot, too.  But that’s a different story.  Wowsers.

Anyway, I think you can see there’s quite a list of great restaurants participating this year (and really, that’s only the tip of the ice berg.)  Go check out the participating restaurants page and get your own Kansas City Restaurant Week plan going.  Hope I see you out!

Oh, and on a separate separate note, the best Italian restaurant in Kansas City, bar none, is having his own 4-course prix fixe menu between now and February 6th which sounds pretty amazing, too.

Oh, and on a final separate note, if you do decide to head out to Restaurant Week, drop me a line.  Tell me about your experience.  I want this thing to rock!


  1. I’m excited, too! We’re starting at the Marina Grog & Galley out at Lake Lotawana tomorrow night, which should be a fun way to kick things off. 😀 We can’t afford to eat out every day/night, wallet-wise or waist-wise, but we’ll be visiting a couple of other restaurants throughout the week to join in the fun.

    Michael Smith was the one loss I ran into. They’re only participating in the week with a lunch menu, and the weekend reservations were all taken by the time I went in to make mine last week. I work in south OP, so getting downtown at lunchtime during the week is pretty much impossible without taking a 2 hour lunch. So I’ll just have to be more on my toes next year with my reservations for his place!

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