One comment on “Food and the Family

  1. Hi Chris!

    I totally agree you here. Time in the kitchen with my kids always turns out better than I imagine. I’ll admit I hesitate when I consider the mess. Once I let that go, we have such a great time.

    One morning, Max (7) and I were making pancakes. He was doing a great job flipping and moving them to the plate, then he flipped one half cooked pancake off the side and made a mess. He got mad at himself that he ruined it. It became a perfect opportunity to show him that in life we make mistakes, but we’re only to learn from them and move on.
    I showed him to focus on all the pancakes he had flipped beautifully, focus on the good works in life. That is the way to grow.

    He got it, and neither one of us will forget it.

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