Travel the Country. Buy Bourbon. Brewzle!


Even with the big game coming up this week, it’s important that I keep spotlighting some folks I enjoy watching on social media. In today’s spotlight, we’re looking at Brewzle, a bourbon hunter from Alabama who creates some of the most bingeable content on the web.

TJ, the creator of the channel, who does film lot of content from inside his own studio really shines when he goes from town-to-town and state-to-state hunting for local and allocated bottles. While it can be pretty amazing some of the things he finds (Stagg, Jr. at MSRP for instance), the joy of Brewzle is just watching him interact with different folks, try different bourbons, and generally be the type of guy with whom you want to share a pour.

If you are lucky enough to live in a city that Brewzle has visited, you’re probably going to hear about a new spot to buy whiskey. If not (like me…), you end up with a long list of places you want to visit on your own bourbon road trip. Either way, it’s a not a bad way to spent 20 minutes.


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