Are you ready for some hot wings?

Football + Wings = Winning

As you can see, hot wings come from very special chickens. Only the hottest chickens will do…

In all seriousness, the football playoffs are here, that big game that is particularly suuuper is coming soon, and then it’s March madness. With that said, it’s wing time.

While hot wings are delicious, their biggest drawback is that they’re kind of a pain the rear to make. And by kind of, I mean a lot. It’s not that they’re hard, but to make them you have to potentially bread them, then fry them so they are cooked all the way through, then sauce them, and finally eat them.

With Hot Wings, Let Others Do the Hard Work

Despite all that, when it comes to wings, I know what I like and that can mean making them myself. But still, since I’m kind of lazy, I like to let brands I trust fry up my wings, like Trader Joe’s, which sell wings already fried up. All I have to do is bake them up and mix them with my favorite sauces and I am ready to watch some football.

What Kind of Hot Wing Sauce?

Good question. The easiest kind of hot wing sauce to make right involves mixing roughly equal parts melted butter and Tabasco (or your other favorite hot sauce, I like Valentina’s.) That’s basically classic buffalo sauce. TJ’s wings already have a buffalo sauce on them, so adding my own buffalo sauce really does give them a nice kick.

There’s also BBQ (which just means add your favorite BBQ sauce) or spicy BBQ (mix your favorite BBQ sauce with some cayenne.) You can also use store bought curry sauce (Thai green curry in particular is good) or even just shake a lot of Parmesan cheese and garlic powder on them.

Again, the hardest part is done for you. All you have to do is experiment and enjoy!

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