Tea-Sty Tuesday: Why and Oolong Green Tea Revisited

It’s the first inaugural

Tea-Sty Tuesday


Like the name?  I made it up myself!

As you might have guessed, I have decide to talk about tea every Tuesday, somewhat for the illiteration, but mostly because I really enjoy drinking tea.  If that comes as a great shock to you, I wouldn’t be surprised.  You have to figure that anyone who looks as crazy as I do in their profile probably drinks a lot of coffee.

But for some reason, I never really acquired a taste for the stuff.  Tea, on the other hand, was always plentiful in my house, so I drank it.  Sure, when Starbucks got popular, I had a love affair with $5/cup coffee and it made me feel like this guy (sophisticated, yet bemused at the price I was paying) :


when I could say (at a very rapid pace) “venti white chocolate mocha with soy, hold the whip” in a crowded room and have everyone know what I was talking about.  (Even when like half of that sentence aren’t really words.)  Still, in the end, I always came back to tea.

And since I have a blog, I figured I should start writing about it.

So, let’s cover some ground rules.  Not really because I expect you to follow them, but because I want to set some expectations.  Basically, Tea-sty Tuesdays will largely cover instant tea

About half of the readers of this post just left. 

Hey, there’s a reason.  I drink instant tea because I can make it in an office setting and have tea with me wherever I go.  Would I prefer to always drink tea from the kettle?  Sure, but I don’t always have a tea kettle and time to boil water.  I do, usually, have access to hot water.

I will cover some loose leaf teas, especially when I buy them thinking they are instant, but also because I enjoy them.  I will also cover tea-based alcoholic beverages, tea+milk mixes, and cooking with tea.  But all that is later. 

For now, I think I’ve yapped about enough.  I will leave you with two things.  First, this picture that came up when doing some image research on tea:


The picture is somewhat tea related and frankly, I haven’t been using sex enough to sell my blog.

I also will remind everyone about crack tea (aka oolong green tea.)  This was the first tea to really tear me away from the arms of Lipton instant tea (which is kind of like the equivalent of coffee in a huge tin you buy for $9.)  It’s delicious, mild, and it makes you awesome.

Seriously, I don’t know what it is with crack tea, but if you are tired, sick, depressed, or dead, crack tea can cure you.  And I used to think it was ridiculously expensive ($15 for a box.)  However, after paying for a a lot of tea, I can see it’s only moderately expesnive and it’s still the best money can buy.

Okay, well that’s it for this week.  Next week, I’ll be back with a new review.  Until then, thanks to Shandi-lee, Cavin, and Carnival King 08 (and Julie) for the pics.  Go drink some tea and enjoy!

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