Hell’s Kitchen Winner Chef Holli Ugalde Will Not Be At the Savoy

Chef Holli UgaldeHey everyone, I got a text from Chef Holli’s people. ¬†Apparently while I was sleeping, it was revealed that Chef Holli won’t be given the position of head chef at the Savoy in London and that there was never was such a position.

She was nice enough to give me 30 minutes and give her side of the story.

How are you doing?

I’m doing great. I’ve been working really hard to develop a whole new set of recipes for the B Ocean Fort Lauderdale. I’m also taking some time off the for the holidays, baking and making some cool cranberry cocktails.

Sounds good. So, you’ve been getting a lot of time in the press in the last few days about not getting the head chef job at the Savoy. Were you notified you wouldn’t be going?

I now know that I am not going to London at all. I’m disappointed, but even worse, my son was really disappointed. He was looking through books picking out castles.

Still, everything is coming out now. I’m putting all of the pieces together to try and figure out what happened. For instance, the head chef position seems to never have been open. I recently found out though reading articles quoting Chef Ramsay’s people that Chef Andy Cook, the current head chef, was hired before the finale was ever aired, so it seems that the position was never available.

It’s really disappointing.

Interestingly I read an article where Chef Ramsay is quoted as saying that the producers of the show were responsible for misrepresenting the prize to the public. I am really just trying to figure out what happened.

Were you in London?

Yes, I was in London, but I was there on other business. I tried to contact Chef Ramsay so that I could get a tour, but I was unable to speak with him or see the Savoy.

Do you think you’ll talk to Gordon Ramsay?

Well, I talked to Chef Ramsay two years ago and then I taped George Lopez with him. That’s it. Oh, wait, I did see him for the taping of the 100th Episode.

Is that normal?

Honestly, from what I hear, that is normal. Nobody talks to him, especially now that he has so much going on back in the UK.

Do you think you’ll hear from Gordon Ramsay?

I don’t. Even if I had gone to the Savoy, I don’t think I would have seen him except for opening night and I if there was a big press event. It is my understanding that Chef Ramsay is not present all that often at his restaurants, because he has so many shows and commitments outside the kitchen. At least that’s what I think.

If he did call, would you work for him?

At this point, no. I’m excited about doing my own thing now. I’ve started by designing a signature menu for B Ocean Fort Lauderdale. I plan to be working with B Hotels and Resorts over the next few years and they have given me the opportunity to do some really creative and interesting things with their menu. You’ll be seeing plenty of me in the future.

How do you feel about the media coverage?

One thing that was strange was that in the London Mirror, they said I was furious. I am not a furious person. I always look on the bright side. Now, I can do my own thing and branch away from the classics.

Did you say “Hell’s Kitchen cheated you?”

I never said that. Still, all of these people are picking up on it and are upset about it. Honestly I am just excited to be in a place where I can be creative with my food.

I’m kind of bothered. I wanted my opening night table. [laughs] Okay, on a positive note, what are you doing for the holidays?

I’m hosting Thanksgiving for the first time. I am going to do a turkey with all these crazy sauces.

Sounds good. I’ll just fly out and meet you! Thanks a lot, Chef.


  1. So now, I really want to check out these B Hotel and Resorts.

    I like her attitude and realistic view through this. I’d be hurt and lashing out too much to think about developing myself as a cook after winning the show and not getting the prize promised. But, I guess having plans that go beyond winning is worth more.

    If you ever speak to her again, prepare her for my arrival…sometime in the near not too far off future.

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