Cinco De Mayo Roundup!!

Hey everyone, don’t forget today is

Cinco De Mayo

So, real quick, if you need inspiration, here are some great recipes from previous culinary explorations.

Vegan Pork Albondigas in Red Gold Tomato Sauce– A meatless version of the Mexican classic.  Comes in a delicious sauce made from crushed spicy tomatoes.  Pretty rocking!

Camarones a la Diabla (with no Camarones)– Another meatless classic, this one with Match crab and fiery sauce made from dried chilies.  You can always replace the match meat with real shrimp!

Chipotle Chicken Flautas– One of my favorite unResolution Month posts.  Make these gold fried Mexican finger food goodies with spicy chipotle chicken and cool ranch dipping sauce on the side.

Milagro Mole Shrimp Skewers– Get a bottle of mole sauce (Milagro Mole from Big Acres® Gourmet works best), brush it on some shrimp and enjoy the rich, spicy, sweet south of the border taste!


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