SproutGear, Get Your SproutGear

Okay, so a little while back I released some recipes for Cooking With Your Kids, but as my friend Marc tells me, if you are going to cook with your kids, you are going to need some stuff from



Of course, he owns SproutGear.com, a cool little kids’ boutique, so he’s not really the most impartial of witnesses, but he does have some cool stuff.  This cool stuff will include, very shortly, some of my kid-friendly recipes and perhaps even a contest about cooking with your kids.

In the meantime, check out some of the cool stuff on his site.  He’s got everything from the perfect gifts for the mommy-to-be, baby clothes, shoes, stuff for dads, baby baskets, baby carriers, and the one must have for everyone who loves to cook with their kids: aprons (although I do need to get BWD, Jr. a chili pepper bandana!)  Here are few aprons from his catalog:









Not too shabby.  Now, if only he could get some aprons with some manly prints like footballs or monster trucks or dinosaurs.  G.I. Joe maybe?  Transformers?  BWD, Jr. would love that!  (Though he might like the pink, too, but that’s another story.)  🙂

Anyway, go and check out SproutGear.com and check back here for the official contest annoucement.  Maybe buy an apron.  Enjoy!

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  1. We could not be happier than to have this partnership with Chris! Be sure to check out the site for other apron styles, plates, lunchboxes, chef hats and more!

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