In the Company of Greatness: An Evening with the Maestro

Restaurant Michael SmithIt’s kind of last minute, but I found out that Chef Michael Smith who, as luck would have it, is the head chef at Restaurant Michael Smith (funny how that happens) and the excellent Extra Virgin, is having a dinner with wine pairings featuring superstar Italian winemaker Antonio Sanguineti on Monday, March 1st.

The festitivities for the dinner begin at 5:30 at the Cellar Rat where you can meet Mister Sanguineti and discuss the ins and outs of making some of the best Italian wines on the planet.  The dinner begins at 6:30 at Restaurant Michael Smith and features a 6-course menu with wine pairings. 

Can you say drool?

The first course is marinated Cici Beans with (get this) grilled radicchio and cauliflower frito paired with Trevisiol Presecco.  I mean, jeez.  This course had me at Prosecco and fried cauliflower.  I can just see myself trying to trade my radicchio for more cauliflower like in third grade (only I won’t be trading for more French fries.)

If that weren’t enough, the other five courses include

  • Grilled king fish
  • Pancetta wrapped stuffed quail* (yowsa)
  • Wild boar with papardella
  • Bistecca alla flortine
  • To top off the night, vanilla panna cotta. 

(*Yes, I realize quail are cute, but they are cute and delicious.)

That’s the kind of menu one should expect from a James Beard Outstanding Chef finalist.

Last I checked, space was still available, but with seating limited, I’d make a reservation soon.  To do so, call 816.842.2202 and tell them BlogWellDone sent you.  I promise that will make absolutely no difference!

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