Have Pig, Will Dinner (And Wine, too!)

GuancialeHey, like I said in my last post, Jasper’s Restaurant in Kansas City really is having a Slow Food Pork Demo and Dinner, which is proudly called from Snout to Tail (click on the link for the Google Calendar reminder.)   I’m pretty excited about it.  Scratch that, I really excited.

Why?  Well, I kind of like pork.  Especially local, organic pork.

But more than that, not only is the dinner/class a cooking demo put on by Chef Jasper (who, if you haven’t been to one of his classes, be ready to be both entertained and STUFFED full of good food), the food is really exciting.  Chef Jasper, along with other members of Slow Food, have put together a menu which accentuates the local pork including some guanciale I spied hanging in his wine cellar that he made himself.  The menu also includes Tuscan Bean Soup, Penne Amatriciana, Porchetta, and maybe some jalapeno pork?

(Need more convincing, check out the pasta con sugo all’ Amatriciana.  That’s going to be on the menu.)   Need even more more convincing?  Somerset Ridge Winery will be pairing their locally produced wines with each course in the meal.  Need even more more more convincing?  See that lovely guanciale over there?  That’s for dinner.

So if you want some great local pork, if you like good wine, if you want to learn how to cook like Kansas City’s iconic master chef, or if you just want to meet me, Blog Well Done, come to Jasper’s this Thursday.  But hurry.  Seats are limited.  Get yours by calling 816.941.6600 right now.

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