Good Food! unResolution Month #14: Chocolate Whip Cream Cake

Joann's CakeI’m hungry for

Chocolate Whip Cream Cake

So, when I was getting inspired for unResolution Month’s Dessert Week (which, sadly, is coming to an end tomorrow night) I was looking through some photo galleries for the most luxurious desserts, most fattening sweets, and the downright chocolatey-ist things I could find on the planet and I kept coming across the picture you see to the right.

Now, I have no idea what is really in Joann’s cake (I know it’s Joann’s cake since that’s what the picture is called.)  It might well be a masterpiece of handwhipped cream and painstakingly baked cakes which have come together to create a dessert better than anything ever, but I keep looking at the cake and thinking “You know, I bet I could do that.”

So I put my mind to figuring out how I, with my minimal baking skills, could tackle that beautiful piece of cake.  And I think I came up with something great.

Chocolate Whip Cream Cake Recipe

Well, I can’t claim 100% of the credit for this recipe.  It’s been served at my wife’s family’s house for generations.  All I did was make a chocolate whip cream cake that looks like that image. 

I think you’ll agree I did pretty well and without a lot of that messy baking stuff.

You will need:

  • 1 boxed cake mix
  • 2 containers of whipped cream
  • Caramel sauce
  • (optional) Maraschino cherries


All you need to do is bake the cake per package directions in 2 9 inch round pans.  Let them cool, level the tops, and slice each in half widthwise.

Assemble the cake by taking one layer and putting them in a cake pan, then frost the top with whipped cream, then put another layer on top of that, then top with more whip cream, and so on until you have four layers of cake and four of whipped cream.

Use the rest of the whip cream on the outside of the cake, then top with caramel sauce and the cherries.

Then, what are you waiting for?  Dig in!  Manga!  Enjoy!

Much gratitude and all apologies to ginnerobot for the picture.  I am sure Joann did better than I!

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