Wednesday Top Chef: Restaurant Wars & BoBo Restaurant

Fantasy Top Chef
Fantasy Top Chef

Yes, I am posting this after the ep is over, but I haven’t watched.  I am really looking forward to it when I get a chance to watch it in a few minutes.

Until then, know that my Fantasy Top Chef knockout pool selection was Mike I.  See you soon!


Okay, here’s the scores.  It was an interesting week since there was not one Quickfire winner, but four.  Though there was only one Elimination winner.  To be fair, all four chefs earned their respective fantasy owner 1 fantasy point for their quickfire win.  So after that week, the standings are as such:

Me: 20
Michele: 16
Josh: 13
Debbie: 13
Karen: 12
Colleen: 10
Elise: 8
All I can say is that thank goodness for Michael Voltaggio.  Keep the points coming!!  Also, I am still in my knockout pool!
Oh, and as always, keep reading the live blogs on TNSmackdown.  There is always live blogging about every Top Chef!
So normally I try to do something from the episode, but frankly, nothing really grabbed me as being blogworthy.  So, instead of talking about the episode, I am going to take this opportunit to give a shout out to the people at BoBo Restaurant located at
1471 E 151 Street
Olathe, KS 66062
If you live in Olathe and need some carry out Chinese, give BoBo a try because they’re really  nice people.  And they are open late.
See last night, I was out running errands for my wife and I had BWD, Jr. with me.  And we’re cruising along when I hear:
BWD, Jr.: “Daddy, is there a gas station?”
Me (thinking): Oh crap.  “Do you have to go potty?”
BWD, Jr.: “Yes.”
Me: “Can you hold it?”
BWD, Jr.: “I don’t think so, Daddy.”
So we pull off into a parking lot because I see a Walgreen’s that looks open.  I drive up, park, check the hours, and see they’re open until 10:00 (it’s about 9:30 because errands had gone pretty poorly.)  So I get my son out into cold, get him to the door and see two people inside sitting there, doing their best to ignore me.  That’s when I see the sign “Open October 23.”  It’s the 21st.
BWD, Jr.: “Daddy, I really need to go.”
So, off we sprint across the parking lot up the minimall to BoBo Restaurant which, blissfully, is open until 10:00.  We scurry into the restaurant and I let BWD, Jr. make a beeline for the potty while I figure out what I am going to order.  (I wasn’t hungry, but it’s kind of a jerk move to use a bathroom and not pay for anything.  Unless you’re the 24 hour Kinko’s in Lawrence, but that’s a differnet story.)
Me: “Shrimp with Lobster Sauce.”
Them: “Anything else?”
Me: “Nope.”
Them: “Cash or charge?”
Me: “Char…crap, I left my wallet in the car.”
Didn’t matter.  They still let me place my order, waited for me to get back to  the car, grab my wallet and come back and pay.  $7.50 for a dinner portion with tons of rice, an egg roll, a crab rangoon, and an extra fortune cookie for a much happier BWD, Jr.   Not too shabby.
Crisis averted and BWD, Jr., who suddenly realized he was FAMISHED, got a bedtime snack of white race.
So, Top Chef was good, though my girl Jen C. nearly got removed from the rolls.  Still, last night was really about how grateful I was that BoBo was open until 10.  If not, I might have had a mess on my hands.


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