Fantasy Top Chef Update & Making Halibut

Fantasy Top Chef
Fantasy Top Chef

Okay, I’ve been derelict in my duties to update Fantasy Top Chef scores.  Real quick, here’s the score update:

Me: 17
Michele: 15
Josh: 12
Debbie: 11
Karen: 10
Elise: 8
Colleen: 8

Who rocks Fantasy Top Chef?  Me!!

Actually, in all fairness to my other players, I think I’ve learned something about Fantasy Top Chef.  Having a league where teams are drafted like this is less than ideal since unlike say, fantasy football, in Fantasy Top Chef , chefs are knocked out and can no longer score points.  This is kind of crappy since, for instance, Elise now has no more chefs (we autopicked teams, so she didn’t select her chefs.)  Still, I feel bad for her.

What we’re doing at work now is basically doing a knockout pool.  Each person has to pick one chef each week.  If that chef survives, we survive.  If that chef is knocked out, we are out of the pool.  It’s what I am doing next season for sure.

Oh, and in case you’re interested, my pick was Eli.  One point for me!

Okay, so the topic for tonight’s post about Top Chef post is halibut since it almost got Michael V sent home.  I am pretty sure I’ve had halibut before, but I can’t remember when and I sure don’t think it was from a fine dining restaurant.  (I feel like I got it in a cafeteria.)

What I do know is that while halibut is delicious, it’s notoriously hard to prepare (especially if Hell’s Kitchen is any indication.)  So until I can find a piece of halibut and cook it up myself, I am calling in a ringer.  I really liked this link from Drew Cooks.  It even has a video!

Watch, cook, enjoy!

Oh, and for Top Chef live blogging, don’t forget TNSmackdown.

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