I Launched A New Site…

Okay, this is in no way food related so I’ll only post about it once, I promise…

I launched a new site called StartBeingProductive.com today, a site focusing on personal productivity, accomplishing your goals, and doing what you want with your life.  It’s a reflection of how I balance this blog, the other sites I work for, my family life, and hobby writing and still resemble some semblance of sanity.

I hope you check it out and consider a membership.

And with that, expect a post on slow cooked veggies very shortly.

Thanks for allowing me the interruption.

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  1. Um, the link isn’t working for me. Obviously I can parse it out of the html, but the link itself is broke.

    Just discovered you through twitter, added this site to my feeds, going to check out the productivity site.

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