Pumpkin Pie Preggatini – Junk Food #29

For unResolution month, sometimes we need to drink our calories, too.  That’s why I turned to Natalie from The Liquid Muse, who directly inspired this very blog you are reading now and who is the finest mixologist/cocktail blogger I have ever read.

I knew if I needed to find the official drink of unResolution month, she would have it.  And, as usual, I was not disappointed:

Pumpkin Pie Preggatini

Though this recipe was featured on her blog, she also has a book out called Preggatinis: Mixology for the Mom-to-be, a collection of non-alcoholic drinks which look absolutely delicious. And while the book says its for the mom-to-be, it’s also great for anyone who does not drink or cannot have alcohol for whatever reason.  (Personally, I would have called it Delicious Designated Driving but that’s just me…)

Anyway, when I was mapping out what I was going to do for the “A month is four weeks, which is 28 days BUT January has 31 days so I need to find 3 more days worth of delicious but unhealthy foods” section of unResolution month, I just knew this was the drink for me because I love pumpkin and this one does not shy away from the calories.

The Pumpkin Pie Preggatini Drink

You can get the recipe and instructions for this drink or a bunch of others off her site, but lest you think I am falling down on the job, I wanted to hightlight some ingredients in this drink, in particular condensed milk, syrup, whipped cream, and graham crackers which pretty much means it’s a little slice of dessert in a cold cocktail glass.  Even the image of the drink on her blog looks absolutely amazing and I hope everyone goes out and makes their own.

Guys, if the title of the drink makes you feel weird, forget the preggatini part.  Think of it as a way to get your pumpkin pie without having to take time to get up off the couch, cut a slice of pie, and put in on a plate.  It’s very manly to save time like that, right?

Okay, get to mixing and enjoy!

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