Waiting on the Plane

Waiting on a plane in Denver airport.  Had an interesting couple of days eating.

Among the lowlights: vegan veggie sandwich from Marigolds (would have been great if I wasn’t vegan.)  Louie’s… nice delivery person, bad food.

The highlight: Trinity Brewing Company so selected because they have VEGAN BUFFALO WINGS.  So I had to go.  Normally, they make them out of seitan, but he was out of seitan today so he made tempeh wings.  They were outstanding.  Just blocks of tempeh which were deep fried  without any breading and shook up with a really good buffalo sauce.

I am so happy to have found this place because buffalo wings is one of the meat dishes I miss the most and sadly, Chef Marcus’ were better they mine (curses).

The best part was we came after the rush and I got to talk with the chef for a few minutes.  While I won’t give too much away, expect some thoughts on vegan gravy and vegan “wings” very soon.  At least I’ll tell you what I can tell you without getting the chef too upset.

Probably lots of typos, but the plane is here!

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