Procedural Stuff and Recipe Exchange

Hi everyone,

I have added an “Editorial Calendar” to the site which shows what you can expect each day from the site.  If there is anything that you do not see or if you have any feedback, please email me.

I am also announcing Theme Weeks.  Every other week, I will be presenting four different recipes centered around one theme or ingredient.  If you have a theme, please shoot it my way.  I’d love to hear it.

Lastly, I want to start a recipe exchange amongst my readers and other food bloggers.  If you would like to guest post on Blog Well Done, if you have a recipe you would like me to try and then review online, or if you need a guest poster, please contact me.  I would love to have other passionate foodies post their recipes, secrets, and food tips.  In particulary, both vegetarian and vegan cuisine are underrepresented on the blog, so if anyone knows a good veg*n recipe, I’d love to hear about it.

Also, I am a food writer who never gets tired about writing about the latest dish, so I would develop a new recipe for your blog using guidelines you give me!

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