I Made the Perfect Eggs

On the campout this weekend, I fixed the best scrambled eggs that I have made and I owe it to two things: high heat and fresh ground black pepper.

To make the eggs, I cracked a dozen into a nonstick skillet, added a pinch of salt, a pinch of garlic powder, and about ten turns (quite a lot) of black pepper.  I then set the pan on the fire, not on a grill over the fire.  I let the eggs sit for about fifteen seconds before and I picked up the skillet and stirred the eggs.  I then repeated this method four more times, letting the eggs cook between fifteen and thirty seconds each time.

The eggs would cook and coat the bottom of the skillet as if I was making an omelet.  I then used a spatula to stir the eggs, separating the cooked egg from the bottom of the skillet, and mixing it with uncooked egg.  Eventually I had a multilayered mound of light, fluffy scrambled eggs.  Unfortunately, my wife then told me to go back and cook them until they were brown and rubbery.  :: shrug ::

I am going to repeat this process on my home stove, putting the burner on high heat and using the same process of letting the cooked eggs coat the bottom of the skillet before mixing in uncooked eggs to get the same layered effect.  I hope my stove puts out enough BTUs.

In addition to the heat, I really enjoyed the black pepper.  I tend to not aggressively season with black pepper because it can be overpowering.  The eggs, however, more than held their own and struck a terrific balance between the kick of the black pepper and the earthiness of the eggs.  There was something about the black pepper that made the butteriness of the eggs all that much better.

Only six hours until breakfast.  I can hardly wait because I just made myself hungy.

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