Tonight Ethan and I went to Shogun Japanese Steakhouse.  I have been fairly remiss in not reviewing the restaurant until now because Shogun is the finest sushi place I have eaten and I eat a lot of American-style sushi.

The owner, Andy, is also the head sushi chef and does a lot of work in the kitchen as well.  Always ready with a smile or a story, Andy is an artist and a master at the sushi bar.  His creations are always technically excellent, flavorful, and made with only the finest ingredients.  He is a man who will send back any ingredient that does not meet his standards and he got me to eat uni.  A feat others have tried and failed at miserably.

The one thing I have noticed about Shogun, which some may not like, is that he does not have a bunch of crazy rolls.  Some resturants go out of the way to create over the top sushi roll menus featuring everything in the kitchen.  While Andy does have a large selection of rolls, his creations are grounded in more traditional American sushi unless you ask for something crazy.  Like his seafood crunchy roll or his strawberry cake roll (sushi rice, tuna, cream cheese, and masago combine to make a roll that looks just like a cake.  It was awesome.)

Oh yeah, whatever you do… don’t order the Crown Royal.  Or at least don’t tell him I told you to.  🙂

Shogun also has three teppanyaki tables and offers a selection of vegetables, seafood, steaks, and chicken.  Each is prepared by skilled chefs so that the food tastes terrific, though Shogun can, at times, be lacking in the pagentry and outlandishness that teppanyaki is often associated with. 

All in the food is exquisite and the price is decent (steak and scallops aren’t cheap, neither is raw fish.)  If you are in Kansas City, I highly recommend checking this place out.  And ask for the yum yum sauce.  My wife wants to bathe in it.

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