Review: Boudreaux

Are you ready for some cajun?  Dominating one end of the new Mission Farms development, a trendy mix of resturants, fun stores, and good food, is a transplant from Saint Joe: Boudreaux’s Louisiana Seafood.  When my wife and I went to Boudreaux’s, I have to admit that I was not in the mood for cajun; we had tried to go to Blue Koi, but they were busy.  Then wife made the decision that we were going to eat a Boudreaux’s…and I owe her one.

Boudreaux’s has a typical cajun menu: gumbo, po boys, and broiled or fried shrimp, fish, oysters, and clams.  To this, Boudreaux’s adds foods not typically associated with cajun food (spin dip) or traditional food reimagined (grilled chicken po boy smothered in cheese.)  Even better, Boudreaux’s has a huge bar complete with a variety of specialty drinks.

My wife and I started with a chunky, vegetable laden spin dip which was accompanied by toasted bread.  There was almost a fist fight over who got to lick the bowl.  Next, I had to sample some of their gumbo.  They serve a deep, mohagony brown seafood gumbo that took me back to New Orleans.  If you have not had authentic gumbo, go to Boudreaux’s.  If I had any complaints about the gumbo, it would be that there was too much seafood and not enough of that wonderful broth. 

For dinner, I went with the incredibly friendly and helpful waitress’ recommendation and tried the broiled seafood platter (an assortment of the above mentioned seafood) which was executed well and enlivened with a tangy, creamy tartar sauce.   My wife ordered the massive smothered chicken po boy, a foot long sandwich overflowing with grilled chicken, cheese, and onions.  She could not stop singing its praises.

All in all, my palate left completely satisfied.  It was my wallet the felt a little hurt.  A drink, a tea, two dinners, a kid’s meal, dessert, and an appetizer set us back $90 after tip.  That price tag makes Boudreaux’s a sometimes restaurant, which is too bad, because it was a great place to eat.

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