3 comments on “Chef Holli Ugalde … The Rest of the Story (With Spoilers!)

  1. I am so proud of you. I know it takes a bunch of determination and a whole lot of work.

    Know that everyone in Kentucky thinks your the greatest.


  2. Chris,

    Great interview! Loved the first one and the update. Holly was my favorite too. Hey, think you could convince her to cook for our demos at the BBQ? I’d give you a cookie for that!

  3. Ok, I read this interview on my iPod last night then logged on this morning to go find the first one. I was telling the boyfriend how you can tell her an ingredient you hate working with and she’ll come up with a recipe…then lo & behold, the other article mentions fennel. He hates fennel! And cilantro. (Me, I don’t like anise.)

    Anyway, I am so glad you got to interview Chef Holli! We watch a lot of food shows in our house – he used to be a chef – but Hell’s Kitchen is my favorite!!! (I got hooked on Master Chef too so I hope Fox keeps alternating the two.) I was rooting for Holli to win, especially at the end because we had this friendly “boys vs girls” thing going on at home. Not only is she talented, she’s just so freakin adorable and YAY for single moms!!

    Thanks for sharing the interview, Chris, and congrats to Holli. Hopefully she’ll get her but over to London soon!

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