4 comments on “The Best Meal I Ever Ate

  1. I have to agree with all you say but did not eat all you said in one setting! (not that I couldn’t!). The only problem is that they don’t receive the kudo’s they so rightfully deserve. I have been a fan of Jasper’s for 20 years since being introduced to it from my parents as a young boy when jacket and tie was a requirement. It seems they pass them up in the Kansas City Star and Ingram’s for some reason, probably personal, but what is rightfully deserved when a place lasts this long, it must be great. Next time try the veal Salvatore and the Tartufo dessert! Have been to Italy twice in my time, and never could find some place, or somewhere to compare. Kansas City is fortunate to have this restaurant, and I am fortunate to have found it as a young boy.

  2. I just have to say that my mouth is watering and I CAN’T WAIT to try Jasper’s Restaurant for myself! Thanks, Chris.

  3. I like the structure of the posts. Basic and straight to the point. I bet you are able to even do better. Write a lengthy article and show us what you are able to do. I have no doubt you’ll create even better information. I have subscribed to a lot of blogs but this one is really a keeper!

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